Amrock Ushers in the Age of Smartphone and Tablet Digital Closings

Amrock is excited to announce that qualified borrowers can now use their tablet or smartphone for Remote Online Notarization (RON) closings, in addition to the option of using a laptop or desktop computer! For borrowers who prefer to close on their phones, our app streamlines the journey even further by requiring fewer steps and refining the client experience.

It just makes sense. With the plethora of real estate information online, the modern home buyer often begins searching for their dream home on their smartphone or tablet – so why not complete the process on the same device as well?

This was the question Chris Day – Amrock’s Vice President of Engineering – and his team of technology experts have answered by introducing mobile RON closings for both iPhone and Android devices.

“Buying a home can be intimidating, especially for first-time buyers who aren’t familiar with the process,” said Day. “In addition to being fast and easy, mobile closings take away some of the intimidation factor for clients who are more comfortable using their phones.”

Chris Day and his team worked with the latest in cutting-edge technology and software to bring about the next step in the natural evolution of digital closings.

“Smartphones are essentially minicomputers, and we rely on them for almost everything – banking, taxes, buying a car, traveling, you name it,” said Day. “It was a no-brainer that home buyers should be able to use their phones to complete the closing experience from anywhere they want.”

So how do mobile closings work? First, as with a traditional RON closing, the client must be closing on a Rocket Mortgage loan that is RON eligible. At the time of their closing appointment, the client and notary public sign into the mobile app from their respective devices and locations. After a thorough identification check, all documents are then digitally signed and notarized.

“This really brings the digital closing experience full circle,” said Day. In addition to modern convenience, mobile closings provide an extra layer of security for buyers through smart identification – which is good news for the real estate industry as a whole.

“Digitizing the experience helps us protect our clients and gives borrowers more control of their information,” he added. “We’re able to build that protection into the technology.”

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