My life as an intern by: Tad Wojdyla

Posted by Title Source
TadFresh out of college, I never thought it would be so difficult to find a job. After graduating I applied for months at all kinds of places with absolutely no luck.  Finally, I found out about the marketing internship here at Title Source. I applied and when I actually got the call back I thought I was hallucinating. I went into the interview more nervous than I’d ever been.  It was my first professional interview and I had sweaty palms, dry mouth, wobbly legs, the works. What I didn’t realize is that the two people interviewing me were probably some of the coolest and most laid back people in the world. After I was hired, I realized why they seemed so happy. Turns out this place is pretty great. Everyone has made me feel incredibly welcome and the environment has a relaxed, stress free feel.  Who wouldn’t be when you have a popcorn and slushy machine? It’s nice waking up and feeling good about going to work. I guess I’m really lucky that after months and months of grueling job hunting, Title Source is the place that was willing to give me a chance.
And another thing…
I used to always wonder how true it was when people would say, “You learn so much more out in the real world than you do sitting in a class room.” I can now comfortably say that it is probably the biggest truth ever. I feel as though I’ve learned more in the four months that I’ve been here than I did in several semesters worth of classes. To be honest, coming into this internship, I had no clue that title insurance even existed. It’s a good thing I’m here learning about it though because in 75 years when I finally have my college loans paid off, I’m probably going to need to buy a house.