Empowering Communities Through Strategic Partnerships in the Mortgage Industry

Empowering communities, bridging the wealth gap and fostering homeownership among minority groups are formidable challenges in today's economic landscape. Through the lens of a strategic partnership between NewMortgage and Amrock, we explore innovative solutions to these challenges, emphasizing the power of unity and collaboration.


The conversation between Matt Brown of Amrock and Mario Kirksey of NewMortgage sheds light on how their partnership serves as a cornerstone for empowering minority communities in the mortgage industry. This blog delves into their insights on overcoming industry challenges and the critical role of a reliable title and closing partner.

Mario Kirksey shared, "We're a minority-owned company … and half our sales floor (are) minorities. We believe in empowering those communities ... it's important for borrowers to have someone that they can trust, and they feel like that represents them as well."

Tackling Today's Mortgage Industry Challenges

The challenges in the mortgage industry are numerous, yet NewMortgage's approach offers a beacon of hope. Kirksey outlines the current landscape: "You have things like a rising rate environment, inflation's on the rise, credit card debt is historically high ... We're a cash-out refinance shop, that's our niche."

One poignant example stands out: "We actually had a lady we helped maybe a couple weeks back consolidate about $200,000 worth of debt, and it saved her about $2,500 a month." This approach not only alleviates financial strain but empowers clients toward financial independence.

The Role of a Reliable Title and Closing Partner

Choosing the right title and closing partner is paramount in the mortgage process. Kirksey emphasizes the qualities they seek: "We're looking for a company, a partner, that's flexible, someone that's reliable, that we can trust … things come up on title and right there at the closing, so we want to have someone that’s adaptable.”

NewMortgage’s partnership with Amrock epitomizes this need for reliability and adaptability. "We lean on Amrock as a partner and they've been really great for us," Kirksey adds, highlighting the invaluable support Amrock provides.

Nationwide Coverage: A Cornerstone for Success

Amrock’s expansive coverage plays a crucial role in NewMortgage's strategy to serve clients across the nation. Kirksey explains, "It's important to have a partner that has a footprint and can help clients nationwide and is licensed in all 50 states."

This nationwide reach ensures that wherever NewMortgage's clients are, they can count on seamless and consistent support, a testament to the strength of their partnership with Amrock.

Embracing eClosings

The shift toward eClosings represents a significant advancement in the mortgage industry. "Clients want to feel safe … they don't always want to feel like they (need) someone to come into their home," Kirksey notes, underlining the importance of adapting to clients' needs for security and convenience.

Amrock's provision of eClosing services exemplifies their commitment to innovation, ensuring that clients have access to efficient and flexible closing options, regardless of their location. (eClosings and availability are subject to state and federal law.)

A Future Built on Strategic Partnerships

The partnership between NewMortgage and Amrock is a vivid illustration of how strategic collaborations can lead to greater empowerment and opportunities for homeownership. Their shared goals and commitment to innovation pave the way for a brighter future in the mortgage industry.

In conclusion, Mario Kirksey's words resonate: "The coverage. The footprint to be able to, like I said, have someone that's licensed in all 50 states. Also, the reliability. Someone that we can depend on, that we know is going to be there for us in our times of need."


What makes a good title and closing partner in the mortgage industry?

A good partner is flexible, reliable and adaptable. They’re able to address issues swiftly and efficiently.

How does nationwide coverage benefit mortgage companies?

It ensures seamless service across states, which is crucial for companies with a wide geographic footprint.

Why are eClosings important?

They offer convenience and safety for clients, accommodating remote transactions and enhancing the client experience.

The collaboration between NewMortgage and Amrock is not just a business partnership; it's a beacon of hope for many, offering practical solutions to the pressing challenges of today's mortgage industry. By focusing on empowerment, reliability and innovation, they set a new standard for what it means to serve communities and foster generational wealth.