Meet Jesse Snyder: Assistant Commercial Account Closer

Posted by Amrock

From the smile on Jesse Snyder’s face, you’d never know it was a Monday morning.

But then again, he has good reason to smile. His skills, enthusiasm and client focus recently earned him a well-deserved promotion to Assistant Commercial Account Closer. “What do I do in my new position? Well, I do exactly what it sounds like,” Snyder said between sips of coffee, “I do anything that helps commercial account closer, Lisa Wiedbusch, close the deal.”

Prior to his promotion, Snyder was a Commercial Support Specialist – as he described it, a “liaison between the escrow and commercial account teams.” But in his new role, he has a higher-profile position with commercial clients, and more opportunities to flex his communications muscles. Snyder earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Central Michigan University before joining Amrock in 2016. Now he’s relying on those communications skills to help him navigate the nuances of his position.

“I’ve been learning what I need to know by talking to the team members who have been in commercial real estate the longest,” he said. “We have so many experts on the team who’ve decades of experience with just about every situation that can come up. These are my go-to people – the ones that give me the advice I need.

“But what impresses me about being in this role is really seeing first hand just how well we serve our clients,” he added. “In my former position, I had a quite a bit of vendor contact, and sometimes client service wasn’t their top priority. It reminds me of how important it is to always be at my best when I work with both my clients and my team.”

Yet, Snyder said that what he likes most about being an Assistant Commercial Account Closer is its certain level of unpredictability; every day – and every account – is different. “I honestly enjoy the uncertainty that what I’m working on today may not be what I worked on yesterday or what I’ll be working on tomorrow,” he said. “In my former role, the software showed you exactly what to work on and when to work on it. But now, I have to be on top of each account, focusing on what I need to do now while I plan the next steps.”

When he’s not working with his team or his clients, Snyder loves to read – thrillers are his favorite genre. He also likes to relax with old-school video games (anything Nintendo) and restyle his 100-year-old apartment in uptown Detroit. A country-boy by birth (he hails from a cattle farm on the west side of Michigan), his heart beats to the pulse of the city. “Detroit is so much fun,” he said. “Years ago, people avoided it; it had a scary reputation. But not anymore. The turnaround here is just incredible.”