Doing Good in Detroit’s Denby Neighborhood

Posted by Amrock

Title Source_DenbyDaysGroupDuring the first week in August, over 200 Title Source team members in Detroit joined non-profit organization Life Remodeled for their annual Neighborhoods Week. Despite being the hottest days in Neighborhoods Week history, more than 10,000 volunteers came together to update Detroit’s Denby High School and the surrounding neighborhoods, parks and recreational areas.

Led by the trained volunteers of Life Remodeled, team members removed blight and beautified Denby by trimming down overgrown bushes and shrubs, mowing lawns, removing debris and sweeping up the fronts of abandoned homes. The impact was instantaneous and residents soon began to notice. They joined in by cleaning up their own yards and thanking the volunteers for all of their help and hard work. Their kind words made a lasting impact on team members.

Title Source_DenbyDays2“Events like Denby Days are all about the big picture,” said Title Source team member Beth Klein. “We cleaned up a bunch of houses and the neighborhood looks rejuvenated, but what we’ve really done is helped residents to feel better about their piece of the earth. Meeting some of the families in the area and knowing they appreciate what we’ve done – that’s what makes it worth it!”

Title Source_DenbyDays1

To learn more about Life Remodeled or how you can get involved, click here.