Basic Manual Review Task Force

Posted by Amrock

In Texas, the Title Insurance Basic Manual provides title insurance companies and underwriters with the rules and regulations that govern how title agents operate. Unfortunately, this manual is dense with legalese and often difficult to understand. That’s why the Texas Department of Insurance has entrusted a group of industry professionals to the Basic Manual Review Task Force to rewrite the Basic Manual in easily understood language.

The Basic Manual Review Task Force, which includes Title Source National Commercial’s own CJ Mytych, meets monthly to tackle the Procedural Rules, Definitions, and Exhibits and Forms sections of the Basic Manual sentence by sentence. They carefully adjust the phrasing, punctuation, and word choices so that any title insurance professional and the average consumer can better read and understand each section. Of course, because the regulations presented in the Manual are tied to statutory law, the task force is careful to make sure that they preserve the original meaning. While this project will take a considerable amount of time considering the difficulty and length of the regulations, when it’s finished it will be a valuable and helpful resource for the Texas title insurance industry for years to come.