Amrock Senior Leaders Give Back to the Community

Posted by Amrock
Volunteering is a big part of life at Amrock. Team members and leaders are encouraged to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year, and it’s a cultural initiative that we’re very proud of. This season we gave Amrock’s Senior Leadership team the chance to bond while giving back to the community with two volunteer events located near our Detroit headquarters.

In late February, senior leaders volunteered at FOCUS: Hope. The mission of FOCUS: Hope is to provide healthy meals to more than 42,000 mothers, children and seniors in the area every month. Our leaders volunteered by “cutting stock” – opening boxes and putting food on pallets to create pre-packed boxes of food. The food was then delivered to families and seniors in need.

“Volunteering at Focus: Hope was a tremendous opportunity to get out of the office, spend time together as a leadership group and do some good while reminding ourselves what is taking place in the community in which we live, work and play,” said Eric Kushner, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “In our haste to tackle the days’ priorities it is so easy to reduce local events to a quick scan of the headlines; making the time to volunteer is a great way to make sure that we don’t lose sight of the people and communities that we serve.”

eric kushner and tim donovan volunteering at gleaners food bank

Senior leaders had another opportunity to volunteer as a team a few weeks later, at Gleaners Community Food Bank. Recently, Gleaners initiated a new program called My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery (MNMG), which is a mobile grocery pop-up focused on nutrition. The food products available are limited, nutrient-dense and competitively priced which encourages shoppers to consume more fresh produce. The MNMG is also very convenient, as it’s a mobile grocery that provides SNAP (food stamp) recipients with an innovative grocery shopping option right within their community.

Our senior leader volunteers participated in a variety of different roles, including greeter, order taker, order filler and loading assistant.

sherry dukic volunteering at gleaners food bank in detroit

“Volunteering for the My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery was both rewarding and educational,” said Tim Donovan, General Counsel. “This pop-up market service offers a creative solution to the struggles faced by individuals limited in their ability to travel. For me personally, it was rewarding to participate in the distribution to the community.”

The Gleaner’s volunteering experience was rewarding for other Amrock senior leaders as well. “I’m always happy to volunteer and give back to the community, and as a company in Detroit it’s our responsibility to build up the city we call home,” said Jeff Hu, Chief Information Officer. “For more than 40 years Gleaners has been feeding the people of this community, so having the opportunity to work alongside my fellow leaders by volunteering there was a really great way to boost our team spirit and show our love for the city at the same time.”

To our leaders and team members in Detroit and at our branch offices and remote locations across the nation – we sincerely thank you for giving back to the community. Keep up the good work!