You Can Bet on Us: Amrock Closes Billion-Dollar Casino Deal

Amrock's Commercial team had a big win recently with a 7-site, $1.07 billion-dollar transaction. This deal spans casinos located across several different states.

Joanie Zimmer, Amrock Commercial Vice President, attributes the success of this acquisition to Amrock’s proven track record and long-standing professional relationships with the organizations and people involved.
“Agencies rarely get a deal of this size, so the fact that they came to us is indicative of the amazing relationships we’ve built through providing excellent service,” said Joanie. “We have more than 20 years of experience working with some of these companies, often on unique deals, so they trust us with getting them the coverage they need.”

 Managing a billion-dollar, multi-state commercial real estate transaction like this requires hours of preparing title work and reviewing prior policies while dealing with differing state  real estate laws and underwriting guidelines – the type of deal Amrock’s Commercial team loves to get their hands on.

“Businesses sometimes believe that only direct operations can handle such large  transactions, that they have more resources, but that’s not true,” said Sarah Watts, Amrock Senior National Commercial Closer. “In addition to being more than capable, Amrock has many advantages, like the flexibility to adapt to  unique title needs or situations and working across all 50 states.”

Not only does Amrock have experience with billion-dollar transactions, but we also have other advantages in comparison to direct operations – like the ability to streamline the underwriting process by being the only point of contact for many of our clients.

“Amrock simplifies the title experience for our clients by utilizing our relationships with multiple underwriters simultaneously to achieve the best possible outcome for every transaction,” said Steve Nadolski, Amrock National Commercial Vice President.

“From start to finish, this was a team effort,” added Lance Davis, Amrock Commercial Vice President. “Because members of our team built that trust and those connections for many years, our clients know they’re in good hands with us, and in turn, become repeat clients.”

Looking for the right title insurance partner? Amrock has the proven knowledge, experience  and connections to bring your next commercial deal to close. Learn more about our commercial real estate solutions.