Amrock on Speed to Close and More at Originator Connect 2022

Members of the Amrock Sales team were excited to attend the Originator Connect conference at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas this past weekend. Playfully billed by Originator Connect promoters as “the GREATEST mortgage conference in the known universe,” it featured an exciting line up of keynote speakers including Shark Tank’s Daymond John, Rocket Mortgage President and CRO, Tim Birkmeier, and Rocket Pro TPO Executive Vice President, Austin Niemiec.

Amrock and Rocket Pro TPO

Amrock cosponsored a sweepstakes with Rocket Pro TPO and gave away a Yeti TUNDRA® cooler to one lucky winner. The sweepstakes gave our team members an opportunity to connect with multiple brokers who work with Rocket Pro TPO. We heard great feedback about the seamless experience brokers have when they choose to work with Rocket Pro TPO and Amrock together, particularly in the area of speed to closing.

“We’re in a unique market, and speed is incredibly important,” said Niemiec in a recent appearance on “A Seat at the Table” (“ASATT”). “Getting to the closing table fast and within that rate lock period is incredibly important, because if you blow a rate lock in a rising-rate environment, it’s not good for the client.”

You can watch the full interview by clicking the image below.

A Seat At The Table, Episode 3 with Laura Miller and Austin Niemic

Streamlining the Process for Mortgage Brokers

We talked with brokers about how our high level of integration with the Rocket Pro TPO portal streamlines their process, and how benefits such as our Expedited Title process and our closing disclosure balancing process are helping to get their clients to closing faster.

Niemiec echoed this in his “ASATT” interview when talking about the feedback Rocket Pro TPO hears from brokers about working with Amrock.

“We sit down and talk to brokers, [and] they constantly sing the praises of not only is it faster with Amrock, but you can be fast and it can be a little bumpy – [but] not with Amrock,” said Niemiec in his “ASATT” interview. “It’s all integrated within the portal, integrated within one spot, so not only are we getting the speed, but just the ease of use and clarity is incredible for brokers.”

Mortgage Brokers Help Clients Get Great Pricing

One of the topics some brokers were most excited about was pricing. With rising rates, clients are very sensitive to price. They love being able to help their clients save money by choosing Amrock when they can. Amrock has put some very competitive pricing into the market, specifically for our Rocket Pro TPO brokers.

“Pricing can come in two forms,” points out Niemiec in “ASATT.” “One is the actual interest rates we provide … and two is in the cost of the loan. And title is a huge cost. And brokers are constantly reaching out, showing us examples, ‘Hey, Amrock is $200, $300 less.' Huge win. We have a lot of folks out in California, where it’s $600, $700 cheaper. And that’s the difference between winning a loan and not winning a loan.”

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