Working with Amrock Could Mean Huge Savings with the ATI Advantage

Our shared priority in client satisfaction could mean huge savings.

At Amrock, we strive for preeminence. On a purchase transaction, Amrock can utilize Amrock Title Insurance (ATI) Company and its ATI Advantage to save up to 25% on Title Premiums.

What is the ATI Advantage

The ATI Advantage is the Title Premium cost savings which will be automatically applied to closing costs

We call it the ATI Advantage because this is the cost savings benefit that can move closing costs back to being more affordable for the client. The ATI Advantage could mean an opportunity to taking care of closing costs with cash in hand, opposed to another loan potentially neeing to be established.

Long story short: It’s money back!

How Does it Work?

As an appointed title agent of ATI, we can use their lower filed rates**. After we’ve confirmed your loan is eligible (client order is in an eligible state and the lender and owner policies are issued through Amrock), Amrock will do the rest.

Let’s say your loan is in the State of Michigan and Oakland County. At a $400,000 Purchase Price and Loan amount of $350,000, our ATI Advantage estimates the savings to be close to $1000 ($910.19*** to be exact). Amrock is offering the ATI Advantage to ease the burden of the dollar down to buy or sell a home. But we also felt it wouldn’t make sense to create obstacles and hoops to jump through to get access to these Title Premium cost savings.

The only move we need is from you: Contact us now at to ensure your closing is eligible and we can start crunching some numbers!

Amrock Title Insurance Company (ATI) has been assigned a Financial Stability Rating® of A, Exceptional, from Demotech, Inc. DISCLAIMER: Price assumes concurrent issuance of owner’s and lender’s policies by Amrock, LLC – license numbers can be found at Amrock Title Insurance Company (ATI) – National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) number 11974. *“

*“Up to 25% rate” is based on an analysis of the three largest underwriters in the state as of 3/29/2023. Comparison is inclusive of policy premiums and customary endorsements, including the ALTA 8.1, ALTA 9 and a Closing Protection Letter.

** These rates are only available in ATI Advantage eligible states (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia) and only available when both a lender’s policy and owner’s policy are issued through Amrock.

*** Based on the details of the transaction, these and additional fees may apply. Recording, transfer tax and other state and local government fees are the same for all providers. The price comparisons are calculated when there is a simultaneous issue of policies, or in other words, when Amrock will be providing both the Owner’s policy and the Lender’s policy in a purchase transaction.