Real Estate Agents Can Track Client Pipelines with Amrock Connect Portal

Amrock is always looking for ways to improve the closing experience for all stakeholders in a mortgage transaction. What we didn't forget was you, the real estate agent.

The real estate agent job is the most important in the home purchase transaction. There are many needs and wants that the job must satisfy to ensure the transaction goes smoothly, but at the consumer’s pace which can vary greatly. Consumers have questions throughout the process and this is where the Amrock Connect Portal can help!

When you work with Amrock your client's mortgage gets tracked through the Amrock Connect Portal. This portal is not only a safe and streamlined space for you to communicate with Amrock, but it will also serve as a free tool for tracking, organizing, and managing your pipeline. Stay on top of every loan and know exactly where you and your client are at in the closing process. No more unanswered questions and you get to be your client’s superhero.

How does it work?

When your closing runs through Amrock you'll be notified by your provided email that access to the Amrock Connect Portal is available! From there, it’s a simple setup of your profile and confirmation of your contact info. Just like that, you'll have access to the Amrock Connect Portal and every closing that goes through Amrock. No more cycling through systems or time-consuming phone calls to check on your transaction's status. You are directly connected to your orders and Amrock! When we work on an order, you can see in real-time where it stands.

We work on the title work and keep you updated, while you’re freed up to provide 5-star service. A truly collaborative connection in the real estate space!

Want to learn how we can get you started on Amrock Connect? Contact Amrock at today!