What About Bob?

Posted by Amrock

“No matter how you slice it, this is a people business and all the paper in the world will not turn a bad deal into a good one if the people are bad actors,” says Bob Powell, who started in the title industry in 1972 and shortly thereafter adopted this motto from a veteran of the business. He has carried that motto through his pro bono work for Habitat for Humanity and to the acquisition, construction loan and end financing for The Palace of Auburn Hills (just to name a couple). When he came to Title Source National Commercial in July of 2007, it was just in time to personally witness the commercial team grow into the powerhouse that it is today. When he’s not furthering his professional career, Bob indulges in his favorite pastimes of golfing, traveling, and hitting the casinos. Of course, no professional success or hobby can compare to the 38 years of marriage Bob and his wife Lauren have shared. Despite being a “Title Source OG”, I’m sure Bob considers his marriage his greatest success.