Virtual Valuation Expo Brings Appraiser Opportunities to the Small Screen

Posted by Amrock

Like so many other events this year, the Fall 2020 Virtual Valuation Expo brought a whole new conference experience to appraisers and other industry professionals who attended. Oct. 1 -3, armchair travelers and virtual voyagers logged on to attend immersive, informative sessions and network face-to-face from the comfort of their homes.

“So many of our panel appraisers and staff appraisers attend the conference because it’s a great opportunity to engage with their peers and get a pulse on what’s happening in the industry,” said Amrock Associate Vice President of Appraisal Operations, Andrea Tetreault. “We love attending because it gives us a chance to catch up with our appraisal partners, as well as make connections with new appraisers.”

Attendees could “stop by” the Amrock virtual booth where they could download information or chat with a team member about exciting appraiser opportunities.

In addition to multiple virtual sessions, the Expo put a new spin on their usual Land Shark Pitches. Formerly 15-minute demos by appraisal companies spotlighting new products and updates, this time around the Expo asked for short video messages. Amrock’s Land Shark Pitch featured veteran Amrock staff appraiser Mike Brocker-Querio talking about how his experiences with Amrock have improved his work-life balance.

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits Amrock staff appraisers rave about.


Benefits of Being an Amrock Staff Appraiser

– The very first vacation that I took as a staff appraiser, it was Memorial Day weekend, and I sat around laughing just the whole, the whole time. And my wife just kept on looking at me and was wondering why, you know, I was laughing and it was because I was getting paid. I had never had a paid vacation prior to that. And it was just a feeling that I couldn’t, to this day, I have trouble describing that.

One of the things that makes a staff appraiser position a little bit different than a fee panel position is that you are able to work with your team leader to set up your coverage area, so it’s a lot tighter, so you’re not driving two hours in one direction. You’re able to stay relatively close to home, have a small coverage area, which means you’re able to turn appraisals around quicker. You’re able to work more appointments close together so you’re not wasting time driving all over the place. And it just makes for a much more efficient day and it makes you know your market area a little bit better than than what you’re able to do as a fee panel appraiser.

Prior to becoming a staff appraiser, if I wanted to find out about any technology in the industry, I had to do my own research on it. Having a team of appraisers that I am able to talk to, it helps spread that knowledge about what is the next best tool. And it, using that teamwork to figure out the technology and to apply it in the most efficient way is something that really helps me be more efficient in my day and helps me produce more appraisals. And we all know more appraisals equals a bigger paycheck.

A big challenge of working for multiple AMCs is all of the different requirements. It can create issues, mixing them up, getting additional addendum requests. And it really distracts from being able to focus on the appraisal problem at hand. Working for Amrock, our culture is really, really important to us. And for me, the thing that I like the most about our culture is our charitable givings. We have time each year to be able to go do volunteer events. We get together as a team and attend volunteer events together. And it’s just a really great way to give back to the community.

If I could time travel and go back to when I was a fee panel appraiser, I would definitely tell myself to make that jump much sooner to become a staff appraiser. The weight that’s off your shoulders, the ability just to be able to focus on appraising and the appraisal problem at hand is just, it makes your work so much better. It makes your day go so much more smoothly because you’re not having to stop and focus on things outside of your job. I knew I made the right decision my first day on the job. My queue was filled up within a matter of hours. I had folks that were able to help me through any challenges that I had. It was just amazing to feel that teamwork that goes into every one of our appraisal reports.

A longterm goal of mine is to be able to retire as an appraiser. And at Amrock, they make that really easy for me to be able to do. I have a 401 . Company matches up to a certain dollar amount. And it just, it makes me feel confident that I am going to achieve that goal of being able to retire as a staff appraiser.


Amrock is currently growing their team. Staff appraisers enjoy amazing benefits, including four weeks paid time off the first year plus seven paid holidays, lower-cost health care including medical, dental and vision, and 401(k) with company match. Other perks include a bi-weekly pay schedule plus incentives, and the convenience of a customized coverage area.

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