Valuations Expo Puts TSI Appraisal Up-Close and Personal on Hot Topics

Posted by Ofelia Saenz

You know that feeling you get after a nice long conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Maybe you exchange snippets of communication on nearly a daily basis, and yet when you finally get together in person, the dialog could go on endlessly. Yeah, for the Detroit-based TSI Appraisal team, the Valuations Expo can be a little like that. It’s one-on-one time, a time to connect with appraisal professionals from across the country, it’s face-to-face time to get the skinny on what’s really on their minds … nothing beats it.

TSI Appraisal directors Jessica Romero and Mike Brocker-Querio

TSI Appraisal directors Jessica Romero and Mike Brocker-Querio at the Valuations Expo in Las Vegas.

The Valuations Expo is a trade show held twice a year. The event, which took place in Las Vegas, November 10th through the 12th, provides an opportunity for thought leaders, vendors, appraisers and other industry players nationwide to network and exchange ideas. Keynote speeches and continuing education sessions provide an array of learning opportunities.

“The Valuations Expo is one of the best events to attend with regards to engagement,” said Title Source Chief Collateral and Compliance Officer, Kristine Hughes. “Being a panel appraiser can sometimes be a solitary experience because they work out of their homes. I think it’s beneficial to travel and talk face-to-face to as many of our panel appraisers as possible.”

Among the traffic that rolled through the TSI Appraisal booth were current fee panel appraisers that were anxious to give feedback on such things as the mobile app and the recent rollout of its property information function, as well as the launch of auto-assignment. It was a tete-a-tete of what’s working and insight on how to continue to meet client and appraiser needs for even greater success.

The TSI Appraisal staff appraiser program was another topic that piqued interest. The program allows appraisers the chance to use and grow their existing skillset in a way that gives them the freedom of running their own business, but also the steady income associated with the infrastructure of a large company.

Watch this brief video about Matt Cowan’s experience transitioning from a panel appraiser to a TSI Appraisal staff appraiser.

Whether it was partner vendors, staff appraisers or non-panel appraisers looking to be added to the panel, the TSI Appraisal team made the most of their talk-time at the Valuations Expo, mining and sharing ideas and reinforcing the importance of partner relationships.

“Everyone we talked to loves to put a face to a name,” Hughes said. “It’s the personal interaction and discussions that make all the difference in the world.”


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