Title Source Technology attends HackIT in Detroit!

Posted by Amrock

Title Source HackIT Winners

“Innovation is rewarded. Execution is worshipped.” That’s one of our company mottos and something my team and I kept telling each other while preparing for HackIT, a 24-hour “hackathon” hosted by Quicken Loans in downtown Detroit. HackIT is a friendly technology development competition between team members in our Family of Companies where we create new ideas through collaboration with our business in a fun environment.

My team, which we named Rick and Mortgage, was comprised of members from the Title Source Mobile Team. At Title Source, our team has built the My Appraisals and My Signings mobile apps for our appraisal and signing agent partners. For HackIT, we chose to develop something a little different – something that could have a huge impact on the mortgage business. Sounds a bit crazy, right? After shuffling around a few ideas, we decided on a mobile app that would give mortgage bankers at Quicken Loans a platform to communicate through while away from their desks.

The morning of HackIT, we were pumped and ready to create the best Title Source app Quicken Loans had ever seen. Over 200 team members from 26 teams participated in this year’s event. Everyone on our team chipped in and made the experience one to remember. We laughed, shared stories and ate some of the best peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches ever. Twenty-four hours is a long time to stay awake, but there was plenty of Red Bull and Skittles to go around.

After all of our hard work, the finalists were announced. When I heard my team’s name being read, I remember thinking, “Am I dreaming? Twenty-four hours of no sleep and we made it to the finals. Someone pinch me.” Not having a real chance to take in the excitement, we were rushed onto the main stage to present our idea in front of hundreds of team members and judges. Our presentation was amazing, and when all was said and done we came out on top, tying for first place!

HackIT wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding. We chose an area of our business that we knew the least about and managed to create something amazing in twenty-four hours. It was a great reminder that if there’s something in your life you want to explore but you’re scared of failure, tell yourself “Yes before no.” Every “no” keeps you from possibly doing something incredible.

Saying “yes” to our new app idea was the hardest part of HackIT. We had no clue what the bankers needed but we leaned on our technical knowledge and our ability to create mobile apps. All the setbacks were worth the win, and we now have an amazing app that is sure to please our client’s mortgage bankers!


Erica Sims, Title Source Technology Business Analyst