Title Source Takes on a Mural

Posted by Amrock

In May, Title Source teamed up with Quicken Loans and 1XRUN, a local fine art publisher located in Detroit’s Eastern Market, to paint one of six murals as a part of their Small Business Murals Project. The partnership helped connect local entrepreneurs and home-grown artists to create a vision for new businesses to flourish in several neighborhoods throughout the city.

Over 35 Title Source team members joined in on the action to bring artist Jesse Kassel’s mural to life on the Social Sushi façade, located at 7 Mile Road and Livernois. “My design is inspired entirely by the current and historical culture of the neighborhood; from music and food to fashion and architecture, I tried to incorporate everything that makes the area thrive,” Jesse said.

Title Source team members, leaders and even our Chief Operating Officer all dove in to be a part of the two-day project. The restaurant, which opens later this year, will be a gathering space for local sushi lovers, and the mural will be a reminder of Detroit’s vibrant community spirit.

You can view other murals from the project here.