Title Source Remodels the D!

Posted by Amrock
On Friday, August 2, and Saturday, August 3, Title Source
team members joined over 5,000 volunteers who came together over a one week period
to participate in Detroit’s Neighborhood Days. 
This beautification project helped transform 48 blocks in Detroit’s
north end neighborhood into a clean, safe and comfortable living area.  Title Source team members were not afraid to
get their hands dirty! We helped cut lawns, paint porches, clear alleys, pick
up trash and board up vacant homes. 
“Neighborhoods Day was definitely the most rewarding
experience I’ve had since I started working here,” said Title Source                                   Escrow
Team Captain Steve Schultz .  “I’m proud of the Title Source family for banding
together to make a difference, and above all, it was FUN!”
The organizing master mind of the project was Life
Remodeled.  Life Remodeled is a
non-profit organization with a passion for “Remodeling Lives … One Family and
Neighborhood at a Time.”  They do a multitude
of beautification projects to benefit neighborhoods in need and also build
brand new homes for low income families. 

For more information about Life Remodeled, click here.