Things Appraisers See: The Peacock Edition

Posted by TSI Appraisal

During routine inspection, one of
our amazing appraisers came across some of the most beautiful and recognizable
birds.  Actually, bird is the not the
correct term, rather, they are a part of the pheasant family. Want to learn
more while enjoying their picture?  Here
are some fun facts about peacocks:

  • Peacock refers only to the
    male.  Female peacocks are called Peahens
    and while referring to both the male and females, they are called Peafowl.
  • When peafowl gather in groups,
    they are called parties.
  • There are three species of
    Peafowl; two are native to Asia and the third to Africa
  • The peacock’s large colorful fan
    is made up to some 200 long feathers.
  • Peafowl offspring are called
  • The most common peafowl found in
    the United States in zoos and parks are Indian Peafowl.  They have a bright blue head and neck.
  • Peafowl have 11 different
    calls.  Peacocks, however, are more vocal
    than peahens.
  • The eye looking spots on the
    peacocks train are called Ocelli.  In the
    peacock’s second year, they grow their first long train of feathers; however, the
    feathers will not have any Ocelli.