The Accidental Profession

Posted by Amrock

From time to time, real estate appraisers get asked the question, “Why become an appraiser?” Most appraisal professionals I know have gone down this career path because of family connections, or the experience they obtained from working in a different part of the industry. It wasn’t their intention to become an appraiser; they may have just fallen into the career. Some may not know what an appraiser does, much less the many advantages there are to becoming an appraiser. Here are a few reasons why this profession could appeal to you.


Most appraisers work as independent contractors; you get to be your own boss and aren’t locked into a set schedule. During my time as a field appraiser, I was able to fit appointments into my schedule that, had I held a regular office job, would simply not have been possible. For example, if I needed to go the dentist’s office for a check-up, I didn’t need to check with anyone – I just worked the appointment into my agenda. I was also able to coach my kids’ sports teams without having to rearrange my schedule, or worry about missing part of a practice because of traffic. If freedom from the typical nine to five workday appeals to you, this part of the job is a huge selling point.

Never the same day twice

Tediousness is the bane of today’s office environment. Going into the office and processing the same spreadsheets day after day after day can really kill motivation. As an appraiser, you’ll never be bored with having the same day twice – every assignment is unique. Here’s an example of what I mean:

  • Monday morning – Inspect a lakefront home
  • Tuesday afternoon – Inspect a high-rise condo
  • Wednesday morning – Inspect two residential homes in the same neighborhood
  • Thursday morning – Inspect a multifamily home
  • Friday morning – Inspect a townhouse condo

Each one of the property types above represents different challenges. They are located in different neighborhoods and will require more unique approaches to solve each appraisal problem.

The Great Outdoors

Being trapped in an office on a beautiful day can be a frustrating part of working indoors. That’s not a problem for appraisers. In real estate appraisal, there is almost a 50/50 split between office time and field work. Getting to experience (and take advantage of) a sunny day is a tremendous benefit that most other professionals don’t get to experience.

Amazing homes

If you’re lucky enough to get high-end luxury assignments, you can see how the other half lives. From 10,000 square foot mansions to high-rise luxury condominiums, appraisers have the opportunity to see it all. Need an idea for a kitchen remodel? Curious to see the latest styke in bathroom design? Appraising keeps you in the know about remodeling trends, so you can improve your own home in a way that allows for maximum return on your investment.

And so much more…

These are just some of the highlights of a career in this “accidental” profession. Appraisers also enjoy:

  • Tax advantages from being their own boss
  • Knowing their area better than most anyone else
  • Being in the know about great places to invest in real estate
  • Scheduling their vacations for whenever they like
  • Being in charge of their income potential
  • Having a profession with huge growth opportunities

If these sound appealing to you, maybe it’s time to give this career choice some serious thought.

Mike Brocker _ Title Source