Q&A: Commercial Tax Analyst

Posted by Anna Ellison

We have many unique individuals who make up our National Commercial Team here at Title Source. We sat down for Q&A sessions with some of the team members who fill these various roles. Let’s get to know more about Commercial Tax Analyst Melissa Eldridge.

How would you describe your role at Title Source National Commercial?

Our team at National Commercial handles the loan from start to finish. My role as the Commercial Tax Analyst is to research taxes to make sure none are delinquent, and to ensure there are no liens.

How did you come into this position?

I’ve been with Title Source for seven years now. Originally, I worked on residential tax analysis, but eventually I became the point person for commercial orders.

What drew you to the commercial side of the business?

Commercial orders are more complicated, which I really enjoy. Sometimes we work on transactions with multiple sites in multiple states. Recently, we worked on a transaction with over 500 sites. The complexity is what keeps it interesting.

At which stage does your role fall in the commercial title production process?

I’m actually one of the last people to work on the order. By the time it gets to me, it’s nearly complete. After tax analysis, it goes back through title review and then it gets sent to the client.

What challenges do you face in your role as a tax analyst?

It can be difficult if a property has delinquent state taxes or personal property liens. Certain states or counties won’t work via email, since they prefer to do it all through the mail. That can lengthen the process on my end, but as I said before, the more complicated the order the more I enjoy it.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention, or would like people to know?

I love my job. It can be challenging to solve difficult transaction but I am always able to solve it – and there’s a sense of reward in that.

Do you have a fun fact or something most people don’t know about you?

I participated in competitive dance for about eight years. I did it all from acro, ballet, jazz, hip hop to tap. I started when I was younger and was on my high school dance team. Then I went to dance for Oakland University Grizzly’s basketball team.

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