Refinancing with Amrock: An 11-Minute Closing

Rachel McKenzie wanted to refinance this year. She’d done the math; mortgage interest rates were low and she didn’t want to miss the chance to lock in a great rate.

Reducing her monthly mortgage payments or reinvesting equity also meant more cash on hand to take care of her family.

Rachel, an Amrock team member, didn’t have to think hard about choosing Amrock as the title provider for her refinance. Although she works in the industry every day, she was excited to experience the digital mortgage process for herself – especially since her original home purchase was closed using a traditional pen-and-paper signing.

Once the refinance process was underway, Rachel was pleasantly surprised by how easily she was able to plan and complete tasks (like providing documents) around her own schedule. She chose to receive updates from Amrock via email instead of phone calls, allowing her to chat at her own pace and stay focused on her daily routine, and she avoided back-and-forth conversations by scheduling the date, time and location of her closing online. With the click of a button, she simply picked the time slot that worked best for her. As a working mom, Rachel found these simple but unexpectedly helpful conveniences to be lifesavers.

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“I have two very active young kids and a tight schedule, so I would have probably missed a phone call or two,” said Rachel. “Emailing Amrock was better for me because I could read updates and respond without completely stopping.”

Before she knew it, her closing day arrived. Rachel was concerned that she’d be constantly interrupting an hour-long closing to keep checking in on her kids. Instead, the Amrock signing agent arrived promptly at her home with a tablet, ready to perform a “Hybrid eClosing,” allowing Rachel to digitally sign the non-notarized documents. Without the huge stacks of paperwork to sort through, signing was a breeze – from meeting the signing agent at the door to saying goodbye, the closing took only 11 minutes!

Since Rachel’s local county had the capability to eRecord her digitally signed documents, Amrock was able to instantly send the files for eRecording, rather than having to wait for a courier or express mail. On the day of disbursement after the three-day right of rescission, her funds hit the ledger and Amrock issued her final policy to the lender in less than 15 minutes – a process that can take months!

“I was amazed at how smoothly Amrock guided me through this modern digital process,” said Rachel. “If I can fit a refinance into my life, then no one is too busy!”