Introducing Our Hybrid Work Model

Customized schedules based on team and role create the best of both worlds for everyone

It’s an exciting time at Amrock – most of our team members are soon returning (and newer team members are being introduced) to our excellent workspaces! These socially distanced, secure environments are designed for collaboration and comfort, and we’re excited to return to the in-person interactions that help us innovate and grow. Yet Amrock knows that every team member, and every team, has different needs when it comes to working onsite. That’s why we’re glad to introduce our hybrid work model starting in October.

What’s a hybrid work model? It’s the best of both worlds! Depending on their role, team, and other factors, team members across Amrock enjoy a mix of onsite and remote working days. Each individual team creates a schedule that works for them.

Teams that handle critical onsite functions or require specific hardware, for example, will continue to be onsite five days a week. Since many team members will be remote most days, onsite team members will often enjoy more parking spaces, less lunchtime traffic, quieter desk areas, and other perks of a reduced population in the office.

Team members who have temporarily been working from home will now be onsite at least one assigned day a week. Those onsite days will sometimes be scheduled around important meetings and company-wide events; they also provide an opportunity to sync up with teammates in a place with unlimited free coffee and snacks. Then, on days where they work from home, team members can save some time on their commute and wear sweatpants. Onsite days will be consistent so that team members can make the most of their flexible schedule by planning ahead for things like childcare or other obligations.

We can’t wait to share these successful methods as more of our team enters our offices. We’re also going to continue providing a work environment that goes beyond CDC recommendations, in which our critical onsite team members have worked safely over the past 18 months. That includes deep cleaning our buildings daily, requiring masks for all team members regardless of vaccination status and providing mandatory COVID-19 tests weekly for those who are unvaccinated. In the hybrid work model, team members clean off their desks at the end of each day, further supporting the safety of the team.

Interested in joining our team and trying our hybrid work model for yourself? Visit our careers page! We’re ready for everyone to see the next era of our team member experience.