Popular Tiny Home Listings Near Top Housing Markets

Posted by Amrock

Housing stock remains low, buildable lots are in short supply, and property prices in top housing markets keep climbing, pushing more buyers to consider the formerly niche tiny home market segment, reports Redfin.

More than 150 tiny homes listings in Riverside, California

Tiny homes, defined as those under 600 square feet, were found as active listings in more than 80 housing markets, according to a recent Redfin survey. More than 150 such listings were reported in Riverside, California, with dozens more listings in other top markets including Phoenix, New York City, Los Angeles, and Tampa, Florida. A Redfin report picked a list of 10 top listings based on website user “favorites.”

Washington offers tiny home cabins

The top home on the list was found in another competitive market, Seattle, where a popular tiny home had racked up 68 favorites only five days into its listing. The single-family home in the South Park neighborhood fits two bedrooms and one bath into only 580 square feet. The $309,950 home sits on a considerably larger lot of 6,000 square feet.

The list features three other homes from Washington, all in rural communities east of Seattle. A home in Monroe, Washington, also accumulated more than 60 website favorites. While the cabin home contains only 400 square feet of living space, the property includes over 10 acres of land for a price of $299,950. A home in nearby Gold Bar, Washington, also made the list, asking $229,000 for 440 square feet along a secluded waterfront view. A home in Skykomish, Washington, asks $205,000 for 580 square feet.

California tiny homes listings from urban Los Angeles to rural desert

Other homes on the top-10 list were found across California. A Los Angeles home on Crane Blvd. took the number-four spot on this list, with a 470-square-foot bungalow listed for $465,000. The hillside home is located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood which offers a pleasant view of the canyon. Other traditional small homes were found in Pasadena, Monterey, and San Diego neighborhoods.

Two other unusual homes rounded out Redfin’s tiny home list in Royal Oaks and Twentynine Palms, California. The Royal Oaks home offers a secluded cottage on more than 10 acres near the central California coast. The house is only 456 square feet, but that structure is paired with a barn converted into living space, and centered in the middle of a lush garden, for $599,000. The Twentynine Palms home is situated in California’s high desert, and offers uninterrupted views of distant mountains. The historic homesteader cabin offers 240 square feet of space on five acres of land for just $87,000.