Meet Debbie Roberts: National Account Closer

Posted by Amrock

She may be technically new to the position, but Debbie Roberts already has quite a bit of experience as a National Account Closer on Amrock’s Commercial Team.

“Honestly, I’ve been closing deals for about two years, but I finally accepted the official title,” the former Assistant Account Closer said. “I thought Janet (Janet Voisine, a Vice President and Commercial Counsel for Amrock) needed an assistant with a lot of experience so I didn’t want to transition to the closer role until now.”

Roberts said her new role involves getting all the documents needed to complete a commercial closing and compiling buyer- and seller-executed signature pages into one fully executed document. Her work usually focuses on determining if easements affect the property, paying off mortgages on a property, investigating buyer- and/or lender-objection letters and preparing settlement statements – all the factors that go into making the closing a smooth transaction.

Roberts’ diligence and commitment to her job have paid off, like the time she helped stop a serious wire fraud attempt. “The day of a closing, we received authorization to fund via email and then a last minute change to the wire instructions,” she said. But a hacker tapped into the email chain and slightly altered the sender’s email address – a change so subtle it went unnoticed.”  The wire instructions passed the wire verification program test, but when Roberts contacted the seller’s counsel via phone to verify the wire instructions, they discovered the change and prevented a $980,000 theft!

One of Roberts’ proudest accomplishments to date is receiving an award called “The Abracadabra Award” at the 2018 All Team Meeting.  The team was asked to vote for two escrow team members that went above and beyond in 2017. “It’s nice to know that my team appreciates the work I do” Roberts said.

Roberts joined Amrock in 2013, bringing with her almost 20 years of industry experience. She has worked in almost every facet of the title industry, but she said her favorite aspects of the job are putting together all the pieces that go into a closing and training new closing assistants. “I like helping people – fellow team members, clients, and those who shadow me to see what’s involved in my job,” she said, “and I like figuring things out. I enjoy going through title comments and marking up the commitments for the typist to prepare the pro forma policies.”

When she’s not in the office, chances are you won’t find Roberts at home. She’s typically shuttling her 13-year-old son to baseball practice and her 10-year-old daughter to dance practice. “My vacations these days revolve around baseball tournaments,” she noted. “Those can be fun. You get to know the other families because you go to the same tournaments and stay at the same hotels. But someday I’d like to go on a tropical vacation, maybe Jamaica. Right now, though, I’d settle for a massage and getting my nails done.”