Making the Grade – My Life as a Student Signing Agent

Posted by Amrock

K.C.Grace_SigningAgentMy name is K.C. Grace Heitchue and I am a recent graduate from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. At 21-years-old, I am graduated, own my own home and have a full time job. These aspects of my life would not be possible had I not been given the opportunity to start an accelerated education program that allowed me to graduate in three years. Becoming a signing agent helped me make the decision to push myself to make graduating in three years a reality.

My first year of college was extremely hard as I was attending class during the day and working as a nanny until 10 p.m. Paying for my education left me with little opportunity to relax and hang out with friends. I was dedicating full days to schoolwork and earning money to pay it off. My grades were less than exceptional and the money I made seemed pointless to throw at my schooling. Crazy school and work hours and countless all-nighters left me with permanent bags under my eyes, coffee as a staple of my daily diet and minimal sleep throughout the week. I questioned: is college even worth it? Then, the opportunity of becoming a signing agent presented itself to me.

I first heard about becoming a signing agent through family members who worked for Title Source. It seemed ideal – flexible hours and good pay (who doesn’t love that!?) After researching exactly what being a signing agent entailed, it was apparent that this job would help bring normality to my chaotic life. After applying for my notary license, taking online tutorials and training with other signing agents contracted through Title Source, I officially become a singing agent for Title Source in April of 2013.

Becoming a signing agent improved my life drastically. I was able to focus on my grades, hang out with friends and actually get some sleep! I was able to make my own hours, which aided in creating an easier schedule and allotting time for days when studying was a priority. Frequently, there were hourlong gaps between closings where I could sit at a local coffee shop and make the time to study or finish schoolwork. My grades began to represent my hard work and dedication and I was able to pay for my education without working into the late hours of the night.

The advice I have for those considering becoming a signing agent is to train with other signing agents before accepting a position. This can help you get a feel for exactly what you will be dealing with when stepping into the signing room. Being a people person is also beneficial, as there are a lot of people involved in processes leading up to a closing. Being a signing agent can be stressful, but patience, flexibility and understanding will make your experience a positive one.