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Data Collection User Guide

Before Your Data Collection Order:

Locating the Order:
  • Log into the MAC Portal from your tablet.
  • Locate the order and click on the order number to access order information.
  • Note you will see the address for the property, the contact number to schedule the appointment.
  • Click on the begin inspection button to launch the data collection from.
  • Complete the sections in Prep-work before going to the property.
  • Complete the questionnaire prior to going to the property.
    • This will be done while you have the client on the phone when making the appointment.


Items to Note:
  • You need an internet connection at the property.
  • You will need data or a hotspot.
  • You must use an Android or iPad tablet, and Google Chrome only.


Completing the Sketch

You will need to print the sketch if available in public records and take a hard copy with you to the appointment.  You need to confirm that it is correct by measuring a few exterior walls. (at minimum 2 walls) and adding any info that may be missing. Example any other permanent structures on the property that are not reflected on the sketch.

  • Review the Engagement Letter for all sketch requirements.
    • If the sketch is incorrect you will need to make any corrections on the one you printed out, or create a new one by hand drawing or using a sketching app.
    • If you cannot do this at the property you must NOT hit the submit button, go to your office/home create the new sketch.
      • Take a live photo or update it from your camera roll into the data collection form.
      • Or save the sketch to a file on your tablet and upload it into the data collection form.
      • You can add multiple photos of the sketch as needed in order to show all levels and all rooms labeled.
      • Then you are now ready to submit the order.



Photos can be live photos or a photo that is on your camera roll of your tablet. You need Wi-Fi to take a live photo. First time you click on the camera roll and pop-up will appear asking to allow access to your camera, you must click yes to proceed.

  • If you have weak service (in basement, outside, etc..) take a photo with your tablet. Go back to where you have service, click on the camera icon in the section of the date collection from and upload the photo. Note- make sure you are using the correct photo in the correct place holder on the data collection form.



A room must be entered for each level in order to allow photos to be taken. If you have a level that is an open floor plan and does not have any specific room types do the following:

  1. Choose add room and add other as your room type.
  2. Type open floor plan as the description of the room.
  3. Take the necessary photos and answer the questions on the form.
  4. Do this for any structure that has an open floor plan with no rooms.


  • If no driveway is present at the property, enter 0 as the number of parking spaces and take a photo of the front of the subject as a placeholder.


Submit Button
  • If you are missing any info or incorrect info when you submit the order you will receive a red box telling you what the error is.
    • You can click on the error and it will take you to the section in the form that needs to be corrected.
  • If you leave the property before you are able to submit the order due to having to complete the sketch or no Wi-Fi , you must check each page to confirm all info is complete and all required photos are present on the data collection form. Once you add the sketch or have Wi-Fi you can hit the submit button.

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