Amrock Visits MMLA 2019 Annual Lending Conference to Support Women in Real Estate

Posted by Amrock

Among the topics of discussion at the August 14-16 MMLA 2019 Annual Lending Conference in Thompsonville, Michigan was the representation and inclusion of women in the real estate industry. At a keynote lunch session sponsored by Amrock, Chief Operating Officer for the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Marcia Davies spoke about what companies can do to empower, promote and acknowledge women leaders in the mortgage industry.

Davies is the founder of the mPower program, which stands for MBA Promoting Opportunities for Women to Extend their Reach, and serves as the MBA’s networking platform for women in the real estate finance industry. Under her leadership, mPower has helped women achieve leadership positions and be better represented in all segments of the industry, growing into an engaged community of more than 6,500 members.

Taking the stage to introduce Davies was Amrock’s Vice President of National Sales, Jason Hall. In his brief introduction, Hall reflected on the disadvantages of underrepresentation that women face daily in the industry.

Jason Hall of Amrock with team members at MMLA 2019

“I never had to worry about being represented in the mortgage industry,” he said. “As men, we take that comfort for granted because there aren’t many places we aren’t seen. Women don’t often get that same affirmation.”

At Amrock, women make up more than 60% of the company overall, and half of the company’s leadership team are women. And while these numbers are encouraging, other organizations within the industry still have a long way to go in terms of women’s representation.

“Working at Amrock, I’m fortunate enough to see women’s passion, intelligence and perseverance daily,” Hall added. “That’s why Amrock believes in the mission of mPower. All of us here, together with mPower, could make the entire mortgage industry this fortunate.”